How to Make Hand-made Miniatures

Humans are really the most intelligent creatures on this earth since we can make artistic things by our hands. How grateful we are that we are able to use our hands to perform things before others. How about creating miniatures manually? How do we do it?

It is very easy. Just see the surroundings and you will have an idea of what you are going to create. Furniture, paintings, sculptures, these are all miniatures. Create one by imitating what you will see around.

Choose what what kind of miniature you will do, may it be furniture, a painting, a teddy bear, animals or plants that can show beauty. Below is an example of making a sofa.

Now we are going to make a cabinet miniature. Prepare all the materials that you will need. Get thin wood that can serve as the dimension of the cabinet, creating the height and width. Make sure that the size of the width are the same and so with the height. Glue and create 2 dimensions. Make sure that the glue should dry first in order for its dimensions not to totter.

Put the divider and make sure that each should have a correct size true to the measurement of the other side dimensions. Since it might be difficult to make, then there should be a helper if needed. Now glue the last 2 dimensions of the cabinet making it and shaping it rectangular or shape. You can just apply a varnish or decoration on it whatever pleases you. You can display them in your house or present to someone as a gift or whatever.