Uses of Miniatures

Miniatures is not just an art that we see. It is not also just to show beauty. They have many uses in our daily life. We can use them anywhere we go.

Token. Miniatures are used as a token or present to someone very special. Sometimes they are used as a token in wedding ceremonies, those who have been invited shall be given a token if there is.

Present. These tokens can be a gift to someone very special. It can be a reminder of what happened in the past. A memory that reminds someone all the time.

It can also be a scare thing in any  place. Some houses have miniatures that scares someone in the house. It is not a joke that there are people who put devilish inside their houses. Of course, this is not a common use but such thing is really happening.

Miniature can be a key chain, zip chain and other kinds of chain that can be used anywhere you go. It can also be a holder of your little things.

In fact, some miniatures can be used for more useful things such as a box for small stuffs like pencil, earrings, and your beauty products. Some would create a a small seat where dolls can seat and teddy bears can be placed.

There are also times when miniatures are used for fun such as playing them. Toys can also be a miniature where children would regard them as models of the reality and this could help them think beyond rather than watching the shadow.